The Assigned Counselor field is a 1:1 counselor assignment  and it must be an educator at the high school school. This field can be used to filter student lists, reports, and more. This field can be updated both individual and through a bulk upload. 

Note: Students requesting a counselor recommendation who do not have an assigned counselor will have the option to select their counselor from a dropdown menu. Seniors linking their Common App accounts to Overgrad who do not have an assigned counselor will have the option to select their counselor during that link process. 


To individually assign this field, navigate to your student's profile using the search bar or student list. 

  • Select the Profile tab (if you're updating this for an alumni, you'll first want to return to their High School Profile)

  • Under Academics you'll find the Assigned Counselor field 
  • Assign the counselor, then save by clicking on the check mark


To bulk upload the Assigned Counselor field, follow the instructions below (or in this support article).

Educators can now use spreadsheets to bulk edit existing student accounts (template found here). Educators must have access to student data in their account settings in order to bulk edit or upload students. 

You can find support for bulk creating student accounts here, and individual accounts here.

Step 1: Create the CSV

In order to bulk edit information for student accounts, you will need a column for the student ID, email address, and assigned counselor. You can also update any of the other fields related to student profiles, including any school specific custom fields created.

Step 2: Set Headings

Indicate which columns you've included in your spreadsheet to update student account information. 

Step 3: Map Values

Make sure the values you've entered in your CSV match the terms we use in our system. 

Updates will override any information already in Overgrad, so we recommend only including the students with information you want to update in your spreadsheet (rather than your entire student list).