Below are instructions to send (for the first time) or resend (a friendly reminder) the Welcome Email to your students so that they can activate their Overgrad account(s). You can send this email to an entire grade level/class or to individual students. If you want to see what the Welcome Email looks like, take a look at this article

Entire Grade Level 

To send or resend the welcome emails to the entire grade level, educators should: 

  1. Log onto your overgrad account
  2. Find and click the blue Send/Resend welcome emails button next to the Students tile

3. In the pop-up display, select the class year(s) you would like to send the email to

4. check the box the "I understand" statement box, then hit the green send button

Individual Student(s)

To send or resend the welcome emails to individual student(s), educators should: 

  1. Log onto your Overgrad account
  2. Search for the student or find them under View Student List  
    • if you are finding a student from your student list, be sure to click on select their profile

3. Once on the student's profile, you'll want to select the 3 dots ( . . . ) menu 

4. Select the Resend Welcome Email option, then the email will be sent! If this option does not appear, then the student may have already activated their Overgrad account. If they don't remember their login, they should reset their password.