This article is designed to help educators use students' accounts in Overgrad, a process known as "ghosting as a student". 

First, log into your educator account. From here, you can either use the Search students function by typing a name directly into the bar or the Students drop down to view a student list, to search for the student who's account you want to use. 

Once you find the student, click on their name. In this view, you'll see a dropdown menu that says: Use Student's Account

Clicking on any of the options from the dropdown menu will allow you to use the account as this student. Once you're in the student's account, you'll see a yellow header just below your top navigation: 

As the student, you can update the status of an application, follow colleges or careers, or enter financial aid award information; these are not the only actions educators can perform in a student account, but are the most common.