This feature is only available to Overgrad customers with data dashboards enabled. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more. 


Data Summary Dashboards allow educators and account managers to view calculated metrics directly in Overgrad, rather than needing to export a custom report and create pivot tables or other analysis through a different tool. This article will review how account managers can create data summary dashboards. Reference this article for an overview of the default dashboards that are already available in Overgrad. 

If you'd prefer to watch a video demonstrating the processes described below, please click here

Creating a Data Summary from a Custom Report

Data Summary Dashboards are created and saved using custom reports

You can create a data summary from a previously saved custom report, or create a new report specifically to be used for a data summary. Utilize the linked articles, or contact your Customer Success Rep, if you need support creating a general custom report or a report using rollup fields

Once you've created a custom report, click on the ellipses next to the report name and select "Add a data summary"

Now you'll see a tab titled Data Summary when viewing this report

Setting Summary Fields

Once you've created the Data Summary, you can add fields by clicking on the ellipses at the right corner of the screen

then select Customize Data Summary

from the popup menu, select +Add a Summary Column

In the summary column menu, you'll be able to choose fields from the report that you created and determine how you want to display that information in the Data Summary

First, use the down carrot to select a field

Remember, you can only include fields from your report in the data summary; if there is a field that isn't listed in the dropdown menu that you want to include in your data summary, you'll need to edit your report

Next, title the column by typing into the Column Title text box

You can add a Tooltip, or description of the field, by typing into the Tooltip text box

Finally, select how you want to display the field

  • If your field is numeric (e.g. most rollup fields, GPA, test scores, etc), you can display the data as any of the following:

  • If your field is text based (e.g. application or financial aid award letter status, post high school plan, etc), you can display the data as a count or percent meeting specific criteria set using filters:

Next, you can customize the color display of the data summary column by clicking on the + ADD A CATEGORY option under Display Categories

Click on the color box to open the menu of potential colors

Then use the maximum and minimum to enter a range for that category

You can also enter a title, which will show up as a tool tip for that category. 

You can add a single category, or multiple categories, for the data summary.

Once you're finished adding your categories, click save

If you want to edit or remove any of the summary fields that you created, click on the ellipses at the top right of the screen and select Customize Data Summary

To edit a field, click on the pencil icon next to the column name

To remove a display category, click on the red X next to the category you want to remove

To remove a field, click on the red x next to the column nameYou can reorder the way in which fields are displayed by click on the horizontal bars and dragging and dropping the fields

Adding Summary Subgroups  

All data summaries will automatically include the following subgroups:

  • Assigned Counselor
  • Ethnicity
  • Family Income
  • First Generation?
  • Gender
  • Graduation Year
  • High School (if created and viewed as a district-level educator)

If you want to add or remove subgroups, click on the ellipses at the right corner of the screen

Then select Configure Subgroups

To create a subgroup, click on + Add Subgroup

Select the down carrot to choose any field associated to the student (this will include any student custom fields that you've added, too)

Once you've selected the field you want to add, click save at the bottom right corner of the pop up:

To remove a subgroup from the dropdown options, click on the red X next to the subgroup you want to remove

Once you've removed the field, click save at the bottom right corner of the pop up:

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Why can't I add a data summary to my report? Only account managers in districts with access to data summaries can add data summaries to reports. If you have questions about your feature access or account type, reach out to your Customer Success Rep.

Why can't I add a summary field to my data summary? You can only include fields in the summary that were included in the initial report. If you want to add a new fields into your data summary, you'll need to edit the report first. 

Why can't I add a summary field in the format that I want? The display format of the field depends on the field type; if the field is numeric, you can perform basic numeric computations using the data summary. If you're displaying a text field, you can display a count of percent that meet the criteria set when creating that data display. 

Who is able to view the data summary that I create? If you create the data summary at the district level, all educators at the district level will be able to see the summary. If you create the summary at the high school level, only other educators at the high school will see the summary. Only educators with permission to view student data will be able to see the data summaries created.