In order to search for careers outside of their career interest survey, students should navigate to the Search tab at the top navigation bar, then select Careers.

If students have completed the Career Survey, their matches will automatically populate first. To search careers, use the search bar on the left: 

Here's a quick description of each filter/search option:

  • Keywords: simply type the name, or keyword, for a given career 
  • Career Clusters: groups of occupations with common qualities, typically within a similar field or concentration, with similarities in job responsibilities and functions. 
  • Majors: areas of study; when students select a major, they will then see occupations commonly associated with that field of study*
  • Median Pay: uses a double-sided sliding scale to search minimum and maximum median pay* 
  • Entry-Level Education: minimum education required for employment within the occupation*
  • Projected job growth: uses current openings and those seeking jobs within this occupation*
  • Career Match: utilizes information from the completed Career Survey to show students best and good matches (this is only available if students have already completed the Career Survey)
Once students have added filters or search terms, click Search.

*Information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*Net, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor