When your school or district begins using Overgrad, an administrator, counselor, teacher, etc. will be designated as the educator "account manager." This is typically the first person who makes an account for your school or district, but can be changed at any point.

Subsequent educators can be added in two ways:

1. Account manager(s) creates accounts for educators:

The individual(s) designated as account manager will be able to add, remove, and manage all educators associated with the organization. 

In order to add new educators:

  1. From the educator dashboard, click "Manage Educators" section on the left side of the dashboard.
  2. Click the green "Add Account" button on the top row of the high school/district profile.
  3. Enter all relevant information for each educator. 
  4. Decide if this educator should be able to view individual student data or only school wide trends. If they should be able to view data on individual students, click "Access to Student Data"
  5. If this educator is someone who you would like to designate as an account manager, meaning they will be able to be able to create, update, and delete educator accounts, click "Account Manager."
  6. Click the green "save" button at the button of the page.
  7. An email will automatically be generated and sent to that educator with instructions to log into their new account. 

2. Individual educators create their own accounts: 

If you would prefer your staff creates their own accounts they can do so by following these steps:

  1. Visit https://overgrad.com/
  2. Click the green "sign up" button in the center of the home page. 
  3. Select "educator/organization," 
  4. Enter email address and create a password
  5. Agree to the Overgrad User Agreement
  6. Select what type of organization she/he is a part of (high school, district, organization etc.)
  7. Select the name of your school, district, or organization. If it does not appear click"Can't find your school? Let us know, and we'll add it."
  8. Enter you name, role, and phone number
  9. Click the green "Finish" button.

**Please note, when staff create their own accounts, your school's account manager will still need to approve.