This article will walk you through how to create a spreadsheet to bulk upload test scores. To learn more about how to upload or process a file please read our article "Uploading Test Scores in Bulk".

There are two ways to create a test score spreadsheet. 

Use our CSV template

We provide a basic template that you can use to input the necessary information. To access it:

  1. Login to your educator dashboard
  2. Click "Add Test Scores"
  3. Click on "download a template"  
  4. Fill in the appropriate information

Create your own spreadsheet

You can either export the information from your student information system to create a file or create a file from scratch. As long as you include the following fields in your CSV you will have the necessary information to bulk upload test scores.
  • Student ID
  • Name of your High School
  • Test or subtest the score is for (ACT, ACT Science, or SAT, SAT Essay Writing, etc.)
  • The score itself

*Note: The first row/header of he file should containing the field names of the data contained within the respective column.