*NOTE: You cannot upload student GPAs unless a student's Student ID has been entered into Overgrad. If you loaded your students, their Student ID is already set. If your students signed up on their own, click here for instructions on how to manually edit a student if you would like to manually enter your students' Student IDs.

First, you need to generate a CSV text file by exporting data from your school or district’s Student Information System or test provider. After creating your spreadsheet, follow these steps to test scores:

1. Click on your profile dropdown menu and select School Account

2. Select Import Standardized Test Score under the Data Imports section

3. Click on the Choose File button and select the CSV from your computer

4. You should now be on 2. Set Headers page. You will see a list of field names that you can map your data to in Overgrad. Below is an explanation of each column:

Field name in Overgrad: This is the descriptive name of the field in Overgrad’s system. Any field marked with an asterisk (*) must be mapped to a column within the CSV you have loaded.
Example of data in Overgrad: This column contains examples of the format of the field within Overgrad’s system.
Select the matching column in your CSV: Here you are required to select the column header that contains the data that maps to the designated Overgrad field. You will not be able to progress if a row with an asterisk (*) does not have a selected value in this column. Leave a selection box blank if your CSV does not contain data on an optional field.

In the example below, the CSV contained a header named “school” that corresponds to Overgrad’s “High School” field

5. Select "Submit". If the page does not advance to step 3. Map Values, you did not set a header for a required row. If this happens please double check your selections and select "Submit" again.

6. The Map Values step is where you match the specific values in your CSV to Overgrad’s accepted values. In order for Overgrad to process the information correctly, match your values to Overgrad’s on this page. Leave a selection box blank if your CSV value does not map to an accepted Overgrad value

7. Once finished, select "Submit".

8. Next, if you would like to navigate to a previous section of the upload process before uploading, simply select that step in the header above. If you are ready to process the file, select "Process File".

     Please note, you will not be able to process a file if you have another file that is currently being processed.

Lastly, you can monitor the status of any files you have uploaded by revisiting History under the data imports section. On this page you can download and analyze any errors by clicking "Download Errors", as well as view the status of each file you have uploaded.