This article reviews your basic navigation features on your Overgrad Parent Account. 

First, locate the navigation features on the top righthand corner of your screen.


     1. Marketplace

The Marketplace connects you with private college counseling experts who can support you and your student as you navigate the college application process.

Here parents can connect with experts who provide a variety of specialized services, such as essay development, scholarship support, or comprehensive college application packages.  

Clicking on "Marketplace" will produce the following options:

  • Browse Experts: Browse private college counselors on our Marketplace and request a quote for their services. 
  • Requests: Once you request a quote from a private college counselor, all your requests will be stored and tracked here. 
  • Payments: If you choose to book a private college counselor's services, your payment history will be stored and tracked here.

To learn more about how to use and navigate the Overgrad Marketplace, please read: "Marketplace Overview Step 1: Searching and requesting an estimate".

     2.  Dashboard

Your Dashboard is your "home-base". Use your parent dashboard to add your student(s), monitor their progress, and share Overgrad with others.

          To learn more about how to use your parent dashboard and add your student(s), please read: "Parent Dashboard Overview".

     3. Your Name (Account Manager Tab)

Clicking on your name will give you the option to log out of your account.