Describing the services you offer will help clients make informed decisions in regards to the services they would like to purchase. From understanding what they can expect their student to accomplish, to how long the services might take the more transparent you can be about this process the better. 

1. To add/edit your services and their descriptions click "Services" on your profile.


2. Next, you can either add a new service by clicking "+ Add new service" or edit an existing service by clicking on the edit icon.


3. Pick a service, enter a detailed description, and decide if you would like to include a minimum number, or range of hours, typically needed to complete this service.


Topics you might include in your description: 

    • What can parents/students expect to accomplish when booking this service?
    • Typically, what is the expected timeline for this service/how long does this normally take from beginning to completion?
    • What are your expectations for students during this process?
    • What are your expectations for parents during this process?
    • Are there any parts of this service that you expect students/parents to complete outside of scheduled time working with you?
    • Any additional information you believe parents/students should know?

Example Service Description: