Your bio is your first impression for parents and students. Your expertise, commitment, and ability to work well with students are most important. It also doesn’t hurt to add a personal touch to help families get to know you! 

Questions to help get you started:

1. ExpertiseHow long have you been a counselor? What relevant experience do you bring to your clients? Do you specialize with any particular group of students (athletics, arts, students with disabilities, etc.)? Do you specialize in a certain group of colleges or region (State, region, Ivy League, HBCU, etc.) Have you been recognized with any awards or do you have any notable accomplishments that would add to your credibility as a counselor?

2. Commitment: Why are you committed to their child’s future individually? Why are you in this work in the first place? Do you have any student success stories?

3. Work-style: How would former students or clients describe you? What is it like to work with you? How will you motivate and make your students feel comfortable?


I've been an independent counselor for [#] years. My background is in [your background]. Some of my accomplishments are [student accomplishments]. I specialize in [type of counseling - types of schools, etc.]. I love working with students because [why you like being an independent education consultant/working with students]

Example Bio:

I've been an independent counselors 7 years and before that I worked as an essay reader and admissions counselor at the University of Notre Dame.  Students I have advised have gained admittance to over 150 different public and private schools including Stanford, Notre Dame, Yale, NYU, and MIT.  I also specialize in admittance to California schools, including UC Berkeley and UCLA. Before coming to this work, I started at the ground level as a college coach in a high school. This taught me how to connect with students on an individual level, meet their personal needs, and make my clients feel comfortable during this difficult process. Working with students to achieve their dreams is my lifelong passion, and I am excited to help you achieve yours!