You can upload courses from spreadsheets by logging into your educator account following these steps:

  1. Select School Account from your profile dropdown menu

    2. Select Course Planner from the Account Setup section 

3. Click "Upload" 

4. Create your course file. There are two ways to create your file: 

Generate a course catalog file from your Student Information System: If you are generating a CSV text file by exporting data from your school or district’s Student Information System (PowerSchool, Tyler SIS, Infinite Campus, etc.), follow these steps:

Select the records you would like to export (i.e. all active courses).

Select the fields to include in your export file. You will need the following fields: Title of Course, High School name, Department, Course Rigor, Grade Level, Length, and Credits 

Save the file to your hard drive in a comma-separated value (CSV) text format.

Manually prepare a spreadsheet: If you are preparing your text file manually using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, follow these steps:

You may download a template CSV from the uploader page or create the file on your own. If you are starting with a blank document, place each field in a separate column. For example, one column could be for the course title, another would be for the course rigor, and another would be for the academic subject.

Place each course in its own row.

Save the file to your hard drive in a comma-separated value (CSV) text format.

Below is an example CSV that shows how the first row contains the headers and each additional row contains the data for one course. The actual file may look different depending on the fields you choose to import.

High SchoolTitleDepartmentCourse RigorLengthCreditGrade 9Grade 10
Overgrad High SchoolHonors Algebra IMathematicsHonors20.5YesYes
Overgrad High SchoolEnglish 101EnglishRegular20.5YesNo
Overgrad High SchoolAmerican History 101HistoryRegular20.5YesYes

Overgrad’s Bulk Course Uploader supports the fields as shown:

TitleYesThe name of the course

A description of the topics covered in the course and any other information that students should know about the course

High SchoolYesName of the course's high school
Course NumberNoThe number or code in your course handbook that corresponds to the course
Academic SubjectYesThe subject area of the course (Math, English, Art, etc.)
Course RigorYesThe difficulty of the course such as "regular", "honors", "AP", etc.
Offered to grade 9YesIs the course offered to students in grade 9?
Offered to grade 10YesIs the course offered to students in grade 10?
Offered to grade 11YesIs the course offered to students in grade 11?
Offered to grade 12YesIs the course offered to students in grade 12?
LengthYesThe length of the course as the number of terms it lasts.
CreditsYesThe number of credits awarded to the student each term the course was taken.


About Length and Credits

You should have already configured your school/district's settings. In those settings, you will set your Course/Grading terms (semester, trimester, quarters). If you are on semester terms, the course lasts a year long, and the student earns one credit for completing the course, the length = 2 (semesters) and credits = 0.5 (0.5 credits/semester * 2 semesters (length) = 1 annual credit).