This guide provides details on formatting a CSV to upload historical contact notes for students. Students must have Overgrad accounts for notes to be uploaded correctly.

Instructions for Formatting the CSV

This list provides details about the required and optional fields for the upload. 

  1. student_id: Integer (Required)
    • The ID of the student. This must be a valid integer that corresponds to an existing student in Overgrad
  2. created_by_type: String (Optional)
    • The type of the creator (e.g., Educator).
  3. created_by_id: String (Optional)
    • The ID of the creator. This must be the email address associated with the educator's Overgrad account
  4. description: Text (Optional)
    • A brief description of the interaction. This can include HTML, which will be formatted when displayed.
  5. date: Date (Optional)
    • The date of the interaction in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  6. time: Text (Optional)
    • The time of the interaction. This can be in any text format but should be consistent (e.g., HH:MM).
  7. duration: Integer (Optional)
    • The duration of the interaction in minutes.
  8. outcome: String (Optional)
    • The outcome of the interaction. Must be one of the following values:
      • scheduled
      • completed
      • rescheduled
      • no_show
      • canceled
      • other
      • attempted
  9. communication_method: String (Optional)
    • The method of communication used. Must be one of the following values:
      • in_person
      • phone_call
      • video_conference
      • email
      • text_message
      • online_chat
      • home_visit
      • other
  10. topic: String (Optional)
    • The topic of the interaction. Must be one of the following values:
      • individual_counseling
      • group_session
      • academic_advising
      • career_counseling
      • behavioral_consultation
      • parent_consultation
      • crisis_intervention
      • referral_follow_up
      • event_participation
      • meeting_preparation
      • other
  11. description_text: Text (Optional)
    • Text only notes, should matchdescription minus the html.

Important Notes

  • Ensure all required fields are filled correctly.
  • Date fields must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • Enum fields (outcome, communication_method, topic) must use one of the predefined values exactly as listed.
  • Optional fields can be left blank but should be included in the CSV with no value if not used.