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This guide explains the sources, terms, and calculations visible on a student's Enrollment tab, and data included in the Alumni Data and Enrollment reports. 

Sources and Display

One row per semester after the student's logged high school graduation year will populate enrollment data. Enrollments are listed from the first semester immediately after high school graduation to present. Data on the Enrollment tab come from two sources: NSC and Manual updates. 

  • NSC (National Student Clearinghouse): Collected and reported through the Student Tracker service for high schools and education organizations. Overgrad users will have a file submitted containing all students for whom they want enrollment data, and the subsequent report will populate the enrollment table. These enrollments are collected from the college/university through secure data transfer and require a FERPA release. 
  • Manual: Educators with the ability to view student information can add enrollment details to supplement NSC reports. Educators would add enrollment data when they have information that contradicts the NSC data. 

Terms and Calculations

Enrollment Status

  • Full-time (F): 12 credit hours or more
  • Three-quarter time (Q): 9-11.99 credit hours
  • Half-time (H): 6-8.99 credit hours
  • Less than half-time (L): <6 credit hours
  • Leave of absence (A): student has requested a leave of absence and has not officially withdrawn or unenrolled
  • Withdrawn (W): student has withdrawn for the semester
  • Deceased (D): the college has received a record of death for the student

The following fields are calculated and visible in reports and student lists. 

Alumni Data

  • Date of Last Known Enrollment: Pulled from the student enrollment table, the date of the last row entered from either NSC or manual enrollment 
  • First Transition: The first change in enrollment, including transferring, stopping out, enrolling or graduating.
  • Second Transition: The second change in enrollment, including transferring, stopping out, enrolling or graduating.
  • Completed 2/4 - Year Degree?: Determined if there is record of degree attainment and the school type from which the degree was earned 
  • Current Status: The most recent enrollment semester data, whether manual or NSC sourced
  • Immediate First Fall Enrollment Type: The enrollment type for the first semester after high school graduation
  • College Name: The college or university at which the student enrollment record was most recently recorded
  • Enrolled College: The college application with the status "enrolled" when the student completed high school (available for Access customers using application management)
  • Summer Melt?:  A college application was listed as "enrolled" but there was no enrollment record for the immediate first fall enrollment (available for Access customers using application management)
  • Graduated?: Determined if there is record of graduation 


  • College Sequence: the order of colleges the student attended
    • 1: First college in which the student enrolled
    • 2: Second college in which the student enrolled 
    • 3: Third college in which the student enrolled
  • Term: Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) and year of the enrollment data