This report type aims to answer the questions:

  • Which colleges tend to give our students the most money?
  • How much do students/families typically pay for college? What about by specific colleges, or families in specific income brackets? 

This report would be helpful to synthesize data to present to students and families; this report is likely most useful for schools and districts that have used Overgrad for financial aid award letter collection for a few years, as identifying trends requires a larger dataset. 

This report shouldn't be shared with anyone outside of the school as it contains identifying student information. We recommend just using a data summary, or removing all student fields prior to sharing the report. 

Creating the report

  • Select the menu option Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  • Select the "Applications" tile
  • Click on the  . . . menu then Create a New Report 
  • Title your report, then begin adding the desired fields (see suggestions below) 
    • Add a Condition (this will filter your data by desired conditions)  
      • College Applications - Award Letter Status > Equals Any > (Add desired application outcomes)
    • Select field options (columns) to include in your report 
  • Save Report 
  • Run Report 

Here's what that report looks after it is created (all student data is made up and not connected to any real students)

Using this report

To help summarize the data, click on the . . . menu to Add a data summary

In the Data Summary tab, you can customize your subgroups and data summary roll ups 

  • Click on the . . . menu in the Data Summary tab 
  • Customize Data Summary (this allows you to order & customize metrics being summarized) 
    • Add a summary column > select the filed to roll up > display as desired 
    • Suggested summaries: Average Out of Pocket, Average Amount from University 
  • Configure subgroups can be used to update the list of subgroup view types 
    • You can add any of your custom fields as a subgroup type