This report type aims to answer the questions:

  • What were might students' options? 
  • Where are my students enrolling?

This report would be helpful to providing key stakeholders with high level details about what options students had and where students are enrolling.

Creating the report

  • Select the menu option Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  • Select the "Student" tile
  • Click on the  . . . menu then Create a New Report 
  • Title your report, then begin adding the desired fields (see suggestions below) 
    • Add a Condition (this will filter your data by desired conditions)  
      • Graduation Year > Equals Any > (Current Senior Class)
      • Admissions Status > Equals Any > Accepted, Enrolled
    • Select field options (columns) to include in your report 
      • we suggest using the "Student Rollups - # [field name]" and "Student Rollups - Enrolled College - [field name]" fro this report type 
  • Save Report 
  • Run Report 

Here's what that report looks after it is created.

Using this report

To help summarize the data, click on the . . . menu to Add a data summary

In the Data Summary tab, you can customize your subgroups and data summary roll ups 

  • Click on the . . . menu in the Data Summary tab 

  • Customize Data Summary as desired (this allows you to order & customize metrics being summarized) 
  • Configure subgroups can be used to update the list of subgroup view types 
    • you can add any of your custom fields as a subgroup type 
    • suggested fields to add: Enrolled College - Type, Enrolled College - Public?, Enrolled College - Academic Fit
    • use these subgroup types to view data like:
      • # or %of students enrolled to 4-year vs. 2-year schools
      • # or %of students enrolled to public vs. private schools
      • # or %of students enrolled to schools by academic fit (Likely, Match, Reach)

This report can be set as a Custom Student List by clicking on the . . . menu to Add to Student List. This makes this visible to all educators at your school. 

From the student list view, educators can add filters that only they see (ex: counselor or high school). Educators can also select students to bulk add notes, tasks, and message.