This report type aims to answer the questions:

  • Where did my students apply? 
  • What were the application results? 

This report would be helpful to providing key stakeholders with high level details about applications.

Creating the report

  • Select the menu option Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  • Select the "Applications" tile
  • Click on the  . . . menu then Create a New Report 
  • Title your report, then begin adding the desired fields (see suggestions below) 
    • Add a Condition (this will filter your data by desired conditions)  
      • Graduation Year > Equals Any > (Current Senior Class)
      • Admissions Status > Equals Any > (Add desired application outcomes)
    • Select field options (columns) to include in your report 
  • Save Report 
  • Run Report 

Here's what that report looks after it is created.

Using this report

To help summarize the data, click on the . . . menu to Add a data summary

In the Data Summary tab, you can customize your subgroups and data summary roll ups 

  • Click on the . . . menu in the Data Summary tab 
  • Customize Data Summary (this allows you to order & customize metrics being summarized) 
    • Add a summary column > select the filed to roll up > display as desired 
    • Suggested summaries: Enrollment Count, % Enrolled 
  • Configure subgroups can be used to update the list of subgroup view types 
    • you can add any of your custom fields as a subgroup type