This support article provides an overview for how to pull application data from the California Colleges educator portal. If you have questions specific to accessing this portal or the data in this portal, please reach out directly support at CCGI

Once logged into your California Colleges account and on your Educator Dashboard, click on "Report Management" 

Under Manage Reports, you'll want to select the report types you're looking to run and download. To pull application data select "College" under Select Report. 

Next, identify the application report type you're looking to download. You'll see a variety of options and notice that reports are separated by type of institution (CA Community Colleges, CSUs, and UCs). If you're looking to pull data for all applications, you'll want to repeat this process for each college type/system. 

Report types relevant to migrating application data:

  • Which students applied to a California Community College using CCCApply?
  • Which students applied to a California State University (CSU) using their account? 
  • Which students have applied to a UC using their account? 

Once you've selected the report type and identified the specific application data you're looking to pull click "Run Report," then "Download CSV")