Educators can now individually or bulk assign tasks in Overgrad!

Adding Tasks 

To assign a task to a student, go to their profile. 

Click to open the sidebar on the right side the student's profile. 


To add a Task, click on the . . . menu, then select "Add Task." Educators are able to edit and delete tasks, as well as mark them as complete.

Viewing Tasks (for Students)

Students are able to view tasks assigned to them and mark tasks as complete from any part of their Overgrad account. Students will also find the task sidebar on the right side of screen. 


Exporting Tasks 

(for educators with access to Custom Reports, contact your CS representative if you have any questions)

To export a list of tasks–assigned or completed–by going to Data & Reports > Custom Reports. 

When you are in Custom Reports, select the gray Tasks box. 

Create a new report by clicking the . . . menu, then selecting "Create a new report." You can find all task fields to add to the report under "Tasks - [field name]." You can see the reportable task fields in the image below.