This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more. 

The Reports tab for Milestones allows educators to export completion information and perform bulk action for Milestones. Filters at the top of the page impact both what's exported, and to which milestones bulk actions are performed. We recommend using filters (explained at the bottom of this article) when exporting or performing bulk actions for Milestones. 

To access these features, click on Milestones from the Communication dropdown menu

Then click on the Report tab

Exporting Milestone Completion

To export Milestone data, click on the Export button on the right side of the screen

The export will include one row per Milestone per student, and the total number of rows to be exported is displayed next to the scroll arrows above the top right corner of the Milestone table

Filters applied will impact the information included in the export. 

Milestone Bulk Actions

Use the open boxes on the left of the table to select the milestones on which to perform bulk actions

Clicking the open box next to Milestone will select all milestones on the page (shown below). Once the milestones are selected, click on the ellipses:

Next, select the action to apply to all selected milestones

  • Update Status: change completion to incomplete, completed, or not completing
    • A milestone status can only be changed to incomplete or complete if it is not automatically tracked in Overgrad; milestones that are automatically tracked are designated with a * in the status column 
  • Remove Verification: removes counselor verification if previously verified
  • Verify Milestone: adds counselor verification of completion, regardless of if counselor verification is required. 

Applying Filters

Filters provide a method for streamlined exporting and strategic use of bulk actions. In order to apply a filter, click on any of the relevant pills to open the menu of options to include

Multiple filters can be applied at once and will show as a filled grey oval with a number in parentheses for the number of options selected for that filter (see Grad Years and High School below)

Filters applied will stay applied, even after navigating away from this page, until filters are reset, either manually by clicking into the filter or all at once using the "reset filters" option

Each filter is described below. 

  • Academic Year: will show active milestones for the school year selected; only grade-level specific milestones will display on the table based on the year selected
  • Grad Year: will show milestones for all students in the graduation year(s) selected and defaults to showing all active grade levels for the current school year
  • Student: uses auto-fill search to include milestone information for single or multiple students
  • Counselor: uses auto-fill and dropdown search to view milestones by students' assigned counselor; if students do not have an assigned counselor, they can be viewed by selecting the "No Counselor" option
  • High School: available for district leaders to include milestone information for single or multiple high schools
  • Milestone: uses dropdown and multi-select to include single or multiple milestones; milestones are organized by grade level just like on the Manage tab
  • Status: uses single or multiple select to show milestones based on completion
  • Counselor Verification: uses single or multiple select to show milestones based on if a counselor has verified completion of the milestone, regardless of if verification is required
  • Completion Status: displays if the milestone is tracked manually (by student or counselor indicating that the milestone is complete) or automatically (by student use of Overgrad features)