This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more.

You can now create reports with calculated, rolled-up fields in Overgrad, which can also be used as a default student list. To use the Rollup Fields and create a Custom Student list, start in Custom Reports. 

Creating a Custom Report with Rollup Fields

Build a new report on the students tab:

Next, just like with any report, create filters and select your fields. 

The “Student” field contains Last Name, First Name and will be automatically included in any reports built in the Student tab:

You will find the new, calculated fields in the Student Rollups section

Once you select your fields, save and run the report:

Setting a Report as a Custom Student List

Only educators with "Account Manager" permissions can create custom student lists. 

Once the report is saved, you can select to set the report as a student list

Accessing and Viewing a Custom Student List

Once a report has been set as a student list, it can be accesses from the Students drop down menu by selecting View Student List

Select the ellipses, and find the name of the report you created in the Custom Lists section. 

Custom lists created at the district level are available to each of the schools the district, and a custom list at the high school level is it only available to other educators at that school. 

Any filters that were applied in the report will automatically be applied in the student list, and will show as Advanced Filters:

Viewers can also set additional filters, like Counselor, or other custom fields using Advanced Filters, as relevant, by clicking on the field to filter. 

Student Rollup fields can also be used to filter existing lists by clicking on Advanced Filters:

Here we've set a filter to see all students who have submitted less than 2/3 of the applications on their list:

Once you save the filter, the list will update accordingly.

Deleting a Custom Student List

To remove a report from the list of saved Custom Student Lists, go to Custom Reports and find the report you want to remove using the dropdown menu

Select the report, then click on the ellipses on the right of the report name, and select "Remove from student lists":

The report will still be available in custom reports to export or change as needed.