Students not eligible for federal financial aid who have the opportunity to apply for alternative state-specific financial aid are able to track their application status and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) in Overgrad. 

Students can go to Applications > Financial Aid to find their tracking tool. Next, edit the box titled 'Financial Aid Application' by clicking on the pencil/edit icon. 

Entering Application Information

Students not applying to FAFSA because of eligibility (or other reasons) should respond 'No' to the first question ("Are you going to apply or have you applied to FAFSA?" 

Next, students should indicate why they aren't applying. In order to include information regarding a state-specific financial aid application, students should respond with the option "I am not eligible to receive federal aid." If they select any of the other answer choices, they will not see the next question, 'Does your state offer a state specific financial aid application?" 

If students are or have submitted the state specific financial aid application (alternative to FAFSA), they should respond 'Yes' and update their application status and EFC accordingly.