Milestones empower students to take ownership over their postsecondary planning process. From exploring career options to building and managing college lists, milestones help students stay organized and keep track of key accomplishments along the way. 

Where To Find Milestones

The milestones page is now the default page when students login to Overgrad. The active milestones students see will depend on their grade level, as well as any school/district specific customizations. 

Understanding Milestones 

Each milestone includes details, instructions, and/or additional resources to help students meet that goal. Below is a breakdown of the information students may find. 

  • Complete Milestone (hyperlink): this link directs students to the page where they can take action to complete the milestone. Students should read the description before so that they know what successful completion entails. 
  • Description & Instructions: students will find the details for the specific milestone here. They may also find additional links or resources needed to meet that goal. These may be changed by the school/district.
  • Track Completion: this drop-down menu gives students the option to update the status of the milestones (whether it has been completed or not). Some milestones are tracked automatically, in which case students will not be able to change the status (example provided below). Students should save any updates made to the milestone status.
  • Start / End Date: each milestones has a start date, when the milestone is active, and end date, the deadline for the milestone. These may be adjusted by the school/district. 

Completing Milestones 

To complete a milestone, click on the title or box. 

The Milestone will appear on the left side of the screen. Below the title, students will find the link that directs them to the page to complete the milestone task(s). The description will include details (and if applicable, additional links or resources) about the milestone and what it means to successfully meet the criteria for completion of it. There are two ways milestones can be completed. 

Student Tracking

Once the student completes the milestones, they will see the drop-down menu for "Track Completion." Students should save any and all changes made to the completion status. 

Automated Tracking

Completion of some Milestones will be tracked automatically. This is usually the case for milestones that are pulling data/information from the student's profile. The image below provides and example for a milestone that is automatically tracked. Students will notice that there is no option to change the completion status. (There is an option for students to indicate that they will not be completing the milestone. We recommend students check in with their counselors before selecting that option).