This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more. 

Milestones allow district leaders to codify key tasks for students. Default Milestones are aligned to best practices for students' postsecondary outcomes.

Customizing Milestones

Only district level account managers can customize Milestones

To customize Milestones, go to the Communication dropdown menu and select Milestones:

On this screen, you will see all active milestones grouped by grade level. To customize a milestone, click the name of the milestone, and the editor will pop up on the right side of the screen. 

Change the grade level for which the milestone is assigned by clicking on the down carrot next to the grade

Determine the active dates of the milestone. Updating the start and/or end date will determine when throughout the year the milestone is visible to students. Dates will automatically apply to the current school year. Selecting "No end date" will keep the milestone active through the duration of the school year for the grade level selected.

Add a due date for the milestone; this will be relevant only for the grade level to which the milestone is assigned, and will show on the milestone card

Determine if counselor verification is required for the milestone to be considered completed. This field will default to optional, but you can change the requirement by selecting the down carrot

If counselor verification is required, it will show on the milestone card

Default descriptors include links to relevant resources, guides, and videos. Edit the description and instructions for the milestone using a full text editor to share specific criteria or resources for students to reference or use while completing the milestone.

Determine which milestones students can see with the activation toggle. Any milestones marked as active will be visible to students. Milestones marked as inactive (by selecting the toggle) will not be visible to students.

Inactive milestones will display in grey below those categorized for each grade level under the MILESTONES NOT BEING USED header.

You must SAVE changes before exiting out of the milestone editor

Restoring Milestone Defaults

When you make changes at each section, the option to Restore Default will populate. Clicking this blue text will revert any changes back to the default, original options provided for that milestone:

Navigating Milestones

Any educator with access to student data can view and update completion of a milestone. Educators can view student progress on Milestones using the Milestones tab on the student page:

Milestone Completion

Some milestones are programmatically tracked, meaning that when students complete certain tasks or activities in Overgrad, the milestone will automatically show as complete. (Ex: the milestone "Take career survey" will show as complete once the student finishes the career survey in Overgrad). 

Other milestones require students to track completion. Educators can edit this from the Milestones tab by clicking on the milestone they wish to edit, and selecting the carrot to edit completion information:

Students can follow these same directions and edit completion from the Milestones tab on their profile.

Verifying Milestone Completion

Any educator with access to student data can verify completion of a milestone. If a milestone requires counselor verification to show as completed, the milestone can be verified from the Milestones tab by clicking on the milestone they wish to edit, and selecting the box next to Counselor Verification under the milestone title:

The date that the verification box was selected will also automatically populate. 

To update milestone completion through self-report OR counselor verification, you must save before navigating out of the editor: