This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more. 

Custom Fields allow educators to manage and track district-specific information relevant to students' applications. 

Only district-level account managers can create custom fields. 

To create a custom field, go to the Settings section of your educator dashboard:

Next, select Custom Fields

From the Custom Fields page, click on the "+ Create New" button:

Now, you'll complete three steps to create the custom field. 

Step 1: Select where the field will show up in Overgrad. You will choose Application, then click Next. 

Step 2: Select the field type based on what you want to measure or track. Field types include:

  • Single Select Dropdown
  • Multiselect Dropdown
  • Number
  • Date
  • Text Field

Step 3: Add information about the custom field; note that  you can determine if students can view or edit the field from their profile page in the "permissions" section:

If educators set the permissions so that students can view but not edit a field, they will see it but are unable to make changes to that field. If a student plans to submit an application using the Common App, the Application Type and Status fields will be disabled, but Custom Fields can still be edited.

Next, you'll format the field based on the type selected: 

Dropdown Options

To set your dropdown options; to add more than two options, click on the +Add Another link

Once you've set your dropdown options, click the Create button to save your custom field

Numerical Value

Select the numerical value type you would like to input into this custom field, then click the Create button to save your custom field.

Date or Text Field

Create a label and write a description, then click the Create button to save your custom field:

You're done! Your custom field will now show up in the Custom Fields section of your settings

Editing or Adding Information to Application Custom Fields

Custom Fields for applications are edited through the application manager. Any Custom Fields created will be visible on the “Application Details” page:

Reporting with Application Custom Fields

Just like Custom Fields - Students, Custom Fields - Applications are available in custom reports. Application Custom Fields can be used as filters on the Students, Applications, and Admission Documents tabs, and can be incorporated as fields on the Applications tab.