There are two different ways that you can create an account as an educator with a school or district:


1. First time user or individual account

  • Visit and click "Sign Up" on the top right corner. Enter your email, create your password, and then agree to the Terms of Use. 

  • As an educator, you should create an account under "School, District, or Organization"

Note: you have the option to Sign In with Google.



  • Lastly, enter a few pieces of professional info so we can verify your role and wait for account approval. If you are the first user at your organization, an Overgrad team member will approve your account. If there is already an account manager at your school or district, that person will receive an email to approve you. 


2. My account was created by my school's current Account Manager

  • The account manager at a district or school can create accounts for other educators at their organization. If they create an account for you, you will receive an email to complete the process by creating your password and logging-in for the first time

  • If you make an account on your own following these steps, the account manager at your school/district will receive an email to approve your account.