This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Accounts can only be linked for 12th grade students beginning in August of their senior year- please make sure you connect with your College Advisor/Counselor to make sure you are able to proceed.


Common App Account Setup with Overgrad

(video here)


You can Link your Common App account to your Overgrad account in just a few simple steps. There are two places in Overgrad where you can link your account. 

  1. One is from the yellow banner on your Applications page in your Overgrad account 

  2. The second is within an open school application to which you have indicated the application method: Common App. 


Step 1

Log into your student Overgrad 

Click Applications > View Applications

Click the blue Link Account

Step 2

You will be directed to the Common App

If you have a Common App account already, sign in. If not, click on create on account and fill out the required fields.

Step 3

You should click on the box to agree, then connect your Common App to Overgrad. This will enable Overgrad to access application details from your Common App account.

Step 4

In Overgrad, you should add all applications to ‘My Applications’. Open the application for any Common App college on Overgrad. You may see a table titled Action Required to Unlock Common App Documents - these steps will need to be completed before documents can be requested for Common App applications.



  • Once you’ve linked your account, the status for step 1 should be complete and you should have information about steps 2, 3 and 4, which are all done within the Common App. (videos linked below)

    • If any of these steps has Action Required, you will need to resolve those issues before documents can be requested. You can expand each of the rows to see written steps.     

    • Step 2: If the application is missing from Common App you will need to add it. To do this, login your common app account, go to the college search tab, search for the name of the college and add the college to your list. 

    • Step 3: If you need to add your high school in Common App, login to your common app account, Click on the Common App tab, Navigate to Education in the left hand column, Go to Current or Most Recent School section and Update the CEEB code to the correct one. Check with your counselor if you are unsure of the correct CEEB code or need help.

    • Step 4: If you need to complete the FERPA waiver in the Common App, login to your common app account, open any college application, Go to Recommenders & FERPA and Click Complete Release Information.  

    • Step 5: Please view this article detailing the process to Request a Counselor Recommendation. 


      Once all of the setup steps have been completed, the documents for the application should be unlocked.