This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more. 

Custom Fields allow educators to manage and track district-specific information or milestones for students. Only district-level account managers can create custom fields (you can find instructions to do that here). 

Editing an Existing Custom Field

To edit a custom field, go to the Settings section of your educator dashboard:

 Next, select Custom Fields

Find the field that you want to edit, and click on the ellipses on the right side of the row

Next, select Edit

Make the necessary changes to the field and click Save

Now you'll see the edits reflected in the Custom Fields table. 

Updating Information Associated with a Student or Students in Custom Fields

You can update custom field data in bulk or individually by student. To update a custom field in bulk, click on the ADD button in the students field from your educator dashboard:

Next, select Upload Students in the Create multiple accounts section: 

Even though you aren't adding new students, this will take you to the bulk uploader. Once a custom field is created through the educator settings, you can add that field as a column in a bulk edit csv. You'll follow the instructions for editing accounts, which requires the student ID and email address, then any additional fields that you want to edit, including information pertinent to the custom field you want to update. 


You'll follow the steps for bulk uploading or editing:

1. Choose a file from your computer 

2. Set headers: this is where you'll match the columns in your csv file with fields that Overgrad's data upload wizard can recognize (e.g. the name of your custom field)

3. Map values: during this step, you'll match the information included in your csv file with the dropdown options for your custom field

4. Process the file 

To update a custom field for an individual student, find the student using the student list or student search bar and click on their Profile tab

Next scroll down to the Custom Fields section and find the field you want to edit. Click on the grey box to edit the information associated with that field:

Select the relevant option from the dropdown by clicking the corresponding text:

You should then see this field updated on the student profile tab:

Scroll back to the top and click Save

You've now successfully updated this field for the student.