This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more. 

Finding a Program (for Students)

Navigate to the Programs page from the Search dropdown menu

The Programs page contains two tabs: Postsecondary and High School

  • Postsecondary programs focus on opportunities available after graduating from high school and can include: military, apprenticeships, certification programs, job readiness training, and sector-based job training
  • High school programs can include: pre-college and summer programs, internships. volunteer opportunities, extracurricular opportunities, and other experiential learning available to high school students

To search for a program, first select the corresponding tab based on the program type you want to find:

(in this example, we are searching for a Postsecondary program)

Once you've selected the correct tab, you'll now see a table of all programs added for your organization. To learn more about a program, click on the program name:

This page will show you information about the program. To add this program to your program list, click the FOLLOW PROGRAM button

You can also follow the program from the main program table by click on the button:

Once you follow a program, you'll see that status displayed in the program row:

To unfollow a program, click on the ellipses next to "Following"

Then select "Remove from list"

You'll see the Following status disappear, replaced with the button once again. 

Updating Program Application Status

Once you have selected your Postsecondary or High School Programs, you are able to update the Application Status by clicking on the same elipses you would click on to follow or unfollow a program, except this time click on "Manage Application Info". You are able to update your Application Status, Method, and date Applied on.

Exporting Program Statuses 

(for educators with access to Custom Reports, contact your CS representative if you have any questions)

To export a list of all of the programs students are following and any related application statuses, navigate to your top menu bar and click on Data & Reports > Custom Reports.  When you are in Custom Reports, select the gray Program Lists box. 

Create a new report by clicking the . . . menu, then selecting "Create a new report." You can find all Program fields to add to the report under "Program Data - [field name]."