Common App Documents Overview Tutorial Video

  1. Select View Applications under the Applications tab in the top right hand corner.       

  1. Search for the college or university that you have applied or plan to apply to and select +Add Application.  

  2. Complete the following questions to indicate the type of application (Regular Decision, Early Action, etc.), applying throughstatus of application (will apply, applied, accepted, withdrew, etc.), and date of when you applied if you have already submitted your application.  

  3. Select Save

  4.         Once you save the application it will take you to your Application Center where you will be able to attach documents to your application, view admissions requirements and receive an overview of your application. 

  5. Select Attach a Document.  

  1. Select which document you want to attach to your application. Select Attach or Request.    

  1. Once you attach or request your documents they will appear under the Application Documents section.

  1. If you see Ready to Submit to College, that indicates your school has already uploaded the document you requested.             


  1. If you see Action Required, then you must request the document.  


  1. Select the Recommender who you want to complete the Recommendation and select Assign.         

12. The status will move to Ready to Submit to College or Requested, which will then be completed by your school counselor or teacher.  


13. Once you have applied you will need to change the status of your application under Overview, select Edit. (Note for Common App applications: If your Overgrad account is linked to your Common App account this will automatically be updated when you submit your application within Common App)


  1. Select Applied under Status and add the date you Applied. Select Save

    1. This will let your counselor know to send off your documents so do not forget to change your application status once you have applied. 

  1. You will be able to check the status of your application documents under the My Applications tab. 

   - this icon indicates the #  of documents attached to an application that has been sent.