This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more.

1. Log into your Overgrad account and select the dropdown under My Planner in the header and then Documents.

2. There are three types of documents you can upload: Essays, Resumes, and Other Documents.

3. Click the button under the type of document you want to upload.

4. You will be presented with two options: You can upload a file (i.e. PDF or Word document) or Add a link (i.e. Google Drive link).

5.You can only upload PDFs, Word Docs, or links to files (i.e. a Google Drive link).

  • Upload a file: Selecting this option will direct you to locate a file on your computer that you would like to upload. This file must be a PDF or Word document less than 3MB in size.
  • Add a link: Selecting this option will direct you to name the link and provide a valid URL to the document. Only valid URLs are accepted, you will see a green checkmark next to the URL if the URL you entered is valid.

6. You can select Upload Revision if you would like to upload a new copy of this document. IMPORTANT: Revised files must have the same file name as the original file. If not, a new document will be created.

7. Clicking the link under the Name column will download files to your computer or link you to the URL you added.