This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more.

Students can request letters of recommendation from anyone, even if that person does not have an Overgrad account. In this article, we will describe the process for uploading a letter of recommendation when the recommender already has an Overgrad account.

Note: Counselors are able to upload letters on teacher's behalf following steps 3-11 below.  

  1. After a student has submitted a recommendation request, an email is sent to the recommender.
  2. Select Upload a Recommendation. If the button does not work, log into your Overgrad account and click on the "write" button in the "My Recommendations" section:
  3. On the next screen, the recommender can complete or decline the recommendation request as well as see any other outstanding requests.
    The recommender can view completed and canceled requests by selecting the corresponding tab.

  4. Accepting the request will update the status and allow the recommender to upload a letter of recommendation.
  5. Select See Details & Edit. If a school is using our Common App Integration, the entire process of submitting letters of recommendation and Common App forms will happen in Overgrad. Educators should NOT create Common App accounts
  6. A window will popup with details about the recommendation request, including who the student is and what college (or colleges) the recommendation is for. In the example below, the student is just asking for a general recommendation, so specific college names should be left out.
  7. Select Attach File and a new modal will display.
  8. On this screen, you can either Upload a New File or Select a Previously Uploaded File.
  9. After uploading or selecting the previously uploaded letter of recommendation, click Submit.
  10. If you are finished adding your letter of recommendation and ready to send it to the student's counselor for final processing, select Submit Files.
  11. The request will be marked as completed.