1. Log into your Overgrad account.
  2. Locate the College Applications section located under either Do These Steps First or Track Your Progress. Please note, this is only available for juniors and seniors.

  3. If you are already following colleges on Overgrad AND are a senior, you will see the due dates for the colleges under Due Dates of Colleges I'm following.

    You can filter this list by decision type (Regular vs Priority) to get the corresponding due dates.

    If you are a junior, you will need to add colleges manually using the search bar; type the name of the college in the Search college name... bar, then click the + Add Application button. 

  4. Either click Add Application next to a university listed under Due Dates of Colleges I'm following or enter the university name you need a transcript for at the top of the page and select + Add Application.

  5. Fill out the corresponding form with the information about your application and click Save.