This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more.

The Application Details page is the hub for a college application in Overgrad. From this page, students can request recommendations, request transcripts, enter aid letter information, and track the status of documents sent to colleges. This page is accessible by both educators (with the proper access) and students.

To navigate to collection applications from a student's profile, go to APPLICATIONS and select View Applications

Overview Section

This gives a general summary of the application, including due date, decision type, academic fit, the status of the application, and corresponding documents. 

You'll notice the Common App logo by some schools. This indicates that the student is applying via Common Application

Clicking on the name of the college will take students to the Application Center.

Application Documents and Transcript Requests (if enabled)

By scrolling down on this page, students will come to the Application Documents section. 

This is a list of the document requests associated with this application. Students and educators can see the status of the document requests. 

A status symbol appears next to each document, allowing educators and students to see a detailed summary of when important document milestones occurred. Educators will have additional options on this page, such as viewing the files that were sent to the university.

Students can make document requests by selecting Attach a Document (shown above). A pop up window will appear, and students will select the type of document they need, then click Attach or Request.

Recommendations (if enabled)

Here you will see all the recommendation requests connected to the application. Students can initiate requests directly from this page. 

Recommendations can be school-specific or just a general recommendation. Students can request recommendations from anyone. The recommender is NOT required to have an Overgrad account to complete the recommendation.